156. Dagmar Terte – The ultimate Danish Pastry

If there was ever a true Danish Pastry (the ones we call Danishes are supposedly Viennese) it would be a Dagmar terte. Particularly as it is one giant pastry of pastries designed to be shared! This particular one had a delightful combination of custard and marzipan too. I definitely recommend it, if one is seeking out a classic “Danish” whilst in Denmark

95. Danish Birthday Cake

At a fellow exchange students’ wee birthday celebration not so long ago, we felt it was time to sample yet another delicious Danish Pastry tradition: the birthday ‘cake.’ It seems (or at least, the idea the bakeries are selling us), that tradition is to have a big huge decorated pastry as opposed to a cake. And a mighty fine tradition it was. A thin pastry with layers of almond paste, iced and decorated with a cute message made of marzipan. Delicious. My love for true, European marzipan is ever growing. I just don’t know how they get away with selling that sickly sweet, white, notĀ even almond-y tasting, soya bean substitute in other parts of the world. It’s a total injustice.

28. Eat a Danish Pastry in Denmark

I recently got a wee telling off from a friend for not having tried a Danish Pastry here in Denmark. I certainly wasn’t abstaining, but food is so goddam expensive here that I was searching for a really good looking one.

Surprisingly, although there are bakeries and pastries everywhere, most of them looked really unappetising. Nothing you couldn’t trump in the New World bakery section. Perhaps it has something to do with the newly implemented fat tax in Denmark pushing butter prices up (even microwave popcorn doesn’t have butter), but they vast majority of them look pretty average. Just ask my idol, Nigella – what’s a good dessert without a tonne of butter?

Nonetheless I finally came across one that looked delicious, and gosh was I proven right!

Nom nom nommmmmmmmm