130. Happy Birthday Dad

For Dad’s birthday, I promised him pictures of me and my friends running round doing silly things in Viking hats.

Well, unfortunately we couldn’t find Viking hats anywhere. Who would have thought they would be so historically accurate in Denmark. Not even at Legoland did they conform to Hollywood stereotypes.

BUT all is not lost. Dad, I have found you something even better. Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak!

It’s in the post as we speak. And they even gift wrapped it with special invisible wrapping.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Love Harriet


95. Danish Birthday Cake

At a fellow exchange students’ wee birthday celebration not so long ago, we felt it was time to sample yet another delicious Danish Pastry tradition: the birthday ‘cake.’ It seems (or at least, the idea the bakeries are selling us), that tradition is to have a big huge decorated pastry as opposed to a cake. And a mighty fine tradition it was. A thin pastry with layers of almond paste, iced and decorated with a cute message made of marzipan. Delicious. My love for true, European marzipan is ever growing. I just don’t know how they get away with selling that sickly sweet, white, notĀ even almond-y tasting, soya bean substitute in other parts of the world. It’s a total injustice.