184. A Swiss Dinner

The novelty of popping over to Switzerland for dinner was soon overshadowed by the difficulty of actually choosing somewhere to eat (I know, my life is tough). Having left Italy to try the cuisine of another country, we were a little disappointed to see a large amount of Italian restaurants! After a quick drive to pick out what we thought might be the least of the obscenely expensive restuarants in St Moritz, we spotted one with rosti and some other swiss sounding things on the menu. The decision was also hastened by the fact that a certain driver of the vehicle was getting hangry (hungry+angry).

When we sat down to order at our almost bizarrely empty restuarant, it became apparent we had missed the foreign language explanation of the menu, and only the Italian things were served for dinner! Luckily for us the waiter could sense our disappointment, and he was also bemused as to why the restuarant was so empty and must have taken pity on us. The lunch menu it was! We all picked various items with Rosti – veal sausages and onion sauce, or speck and cheese, and I sampled a delicious Swiss Beer (I think it was Swiss, seemed to be the local beer on tap).

The PACKED restaurant

On the drive home we went passed a few bars and I quickly realised why the restuarant was so empty – it was the Italy v Germany semi final (or something nearing the final, I’m not really sure how it all works) of the Euro 2012! Yet another bemusing moment of realisation of just how obsessed they are with soccer in this part of the world. Sorry, I meant football. It was most entertaining driving past all these bars that had all the outdoor seating turned around and had a bunch of people sitting silently in theatre style facing the screen, but occupying much of the footpath.

Blurry photo as I whizzed past a bar full of football fans, but you get the idea!