352. Belgian Waffles

The magical waffle itself

The magical waffle itself, in all its sugary glory

My first belgian waffle was just the most amazing thing ever. I didn’t realise that proper belgian waffles are actually made from a ball of dough, rather than a batter like pancakes. It makes for soft, stretchy, sugary, slightly chewy deliciousness. I was surprised in its quality, being from a festival stall, where generally the monopoly factor means all the food is crap.

Problem was, I wasn’t sure if I was being the most objective judge of taste, seeing as how it was 1:30am at a music festival. At that time/place anything could taste that amazing!

So of course I had to make another go at it. The bar had been set high, so I tried out some waffles at one of the Häagen Dazs cafes that seemed to be all over Brussels with people always sitting outside eating tasty looking waffle creations. Sadly it was really average (although the icecream was tasty) and I decided I should probably give up on my dream of ever enjoying a waffle as much. Unless I can somehow recreate the same combination of extreme hunger, slight drunkenness, the end of a great day of music and really low expecations of the food I was about to get…

Looks can be deceiving

Looks can be deceiving

IMG_5712 (480x640)


265. Dutch Stroopwafel

One does not simply go to Europe and not try all the different types of waffles. The variety they lay claim to in the Netherlands is the Stroopwafel – two very thin waffles held together with a caramel-y sauce. Delicious, though very sweet – best shared with at least one other person because they are pretty hard to finish!

This one was found in a series of food stalls just before the Van Gogh museum – perfect entertainment whilst waiting in the long lines to get in.

46. Chocolate waffle stick

Whilst on the takeaways in Denmark topic, I thought it only appropriate that I get amongst the waffle sensation. Chocolate dipped waffle stick seemed like an amazing innovation. Sadly it just resulted in two blatant toursists with chocloate ALL over their faces (there is no easy way to eat them). But at least there was deliciousness in the process.