342. Sacre Coeur

IMG_2950My other favourite view in Paris was from atop the Sacre Coeur. And not only was it great looking out from the roof, but looking up inside the cathedral at the painting on the interior of the roof was just stunning.

I also quite enjoyed looking down at the monastry next door, where nuns were walking around the garden in circles reading books. It was like a game of pac-man. The climb up to the roof was a bit of a mission, and not for the claustraphobic. I could imagine the majority of the All Blacks wouldn’t actually be able to fit through the narrow staircase!

The crypt underneath had some great wee treasure exhibits and chapels/sculptures too.IMG_2926 IMG_2924 IMG_2928 IMG_2927 IMG_2920 IMG_2921 IMG_2922 IMG_2918 IMG_2910 IMG_2913 IMG_2908 IMG_2904 IMG_2948 IMG_2945 IMG_2947 IMG_2943 IMG_2942 IMG_2936 IMG_2935 IMG_2932 IMG_2934 IMG_2933

324. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC)

OK so we didn’t actually make it inside the museum, it was hot, and we were trying to cram a huge amount in to one day. But this spot deserves a mention for its amazing views out over the city, with buskers seranding you with Spanish guitars while you stand there in awe. It is also situated on the Montjuïc hill looking out over the Place Espanya and its magical fountain which makes for very good viewing, and behind (or more, to the left) is all the leftover olympic structures including a crazy weird tower.IMG_4386 (480x640) IMG_4387 (640x480) IMG_4385 (640x480) IMG_4375 (640x480) IMG_4367 (640x480) IMG_4368 (640x480) IMG_4358 (640x480) IMG_4390 (640x480) IMG_4389 (640x480)

251. Hohensalzburg Castle

View from the Mirabell Gardens

Hohensalzburg Castle is the big ominous looking castle that basically takes up the entire hill that it sits on. From atop the hill there are also some marvelous views of Salzburg. It was a bit of a walk getting up there, but there’s a tram thing for the Americans.


244. The Slovakian Parliament and Its Epic Views

The Slovakian Parliament, or more accurately, National Council, is a very modern building, situated right next door to a very old castle. The highlight, however, is its brilliant view out across the Danube. There is a huge balcony from which to admire, so it was definitely worth the adventure up the hill.

62. “The View”

My lovely friend and Stockholm local, Emelie, told us where to find the best view in Stockholm, without dropping a tonne of money on the tourist-filled gondola. It turned out to be quite the scavenger hunt, as we made our way to Sodermalm, walked through the grounds of the Hilton, up and down alleyways and through the hills, hunting down Monteliusvägen – a little path on an (almost) cliff edge. On the way there we were following our friend Marc, who by the end of the trip was dubbed “the map.” Being such a beautiful city, there were many highly aesthetically pleasing spots along the way, prompting repeated calls of “Is this The View?”  “Ok, is this The View?” “Surely we must have found The View now?” Like children on a road trip yelling out “Are we there yet.” I don’t think Marc/The Map was too impressed.

When we got there, it was truly beautiful. From the old boats immediately below us, to the entire north of the city stretched out before us, including the stunning Gamla Stan (Old Town).

Here’s my attempts at panaramic photos, plus a few normal ones: