117. Tromsø Gallery of Contemporary Art

While the Northern Norwegian Art Gallery had some really beautiful paintings, the Gallery of Contemporary Art was, well a whole lot more conceptual and a whole lot less beautiful. It was one of those galleries where thoughts like “what on earth were they thinking?!” and “am I missing something here?” go through your head. One of those galleries that makes you think “either this artist is batshit crazy or I’m really stupid.” It reminded me very much of this most hilarious article from Vice.

The gallery largely consisted of screens playing loops of people going about the mundane business of their lives to the sound of random ticking noises. There was even one of a woman sitting staring out the window. I stupidly fell for it and thought that maybe something was going to happen, but alas. So I was sitting there watching some woman sitting there watching nothing. The most exciting part of it were the giant scultpures of drugs. But only because they involved bright colours. It was literally a giant modern art cliche. And my response was something like this:By the end of it I wondered if the whole place was just taking the piss. Thank god it was free!