168. The Armani Store

Is that Georgio Armani? Wait, no it’s Dad

The highlight of the day in Milan as most definitely the Armani Flagship store on Via Manzoni. The clothes weren’t so much the clincher – the only thing I wanted to try on was a ludicrous velour tracksuit, but Mum wasn’t keen after we got told off for trying to take photos. Instead, the highlight was the cafe in the store. We started there for a coffee, and the winner was most definitely an Iced Coffee with Amaretto – like the most amazing espresso martini I have ever had, only so much better. The Amaretto addition was a winner.

After that we perused the store for a while, and with everything so far out of my backpacker budget (and quite frankly I didn’t find any of it worthy of the price tags), we decided to kit Dad out with a nice new shirt. With shop assistant numero uno running rings around us, and shop assistant numero dos banished because he was one of those weird “I-work-in-customer-service-but-I’m-too-cool-to-serve-customers” types we were in business. Once my Father’s two fashion consultants picked him out a nice shirt it was back to the cafe for lunch. The best dish was the Calamari, but they had some tasty club sandwiches too. It wasn’t too unreasonably priced, and provided an excellent spot for people watching whilst feeling like we were far too special.