100. 100 Blog Posts

Here it is, daily update number 100! 100 days since I set myself this challenge, which was only about 12 days before I set off on my big European adventure of travels, education and fun times. The original challenge was to try something new every single day and write about it. The plan was to shift my thinking to saying yes to as many opportunities as possible, to never have an excuse to say “I’m bored,” to get out of my comfort zone and most importantly to have fun!

I thought it would be hard to ensure I was doing something new every day, but the real challenge has been in keeping up with everything. I’d say travel probably helps in this respect (it certainly was harder before I left when I was working every day) but now the difficulty is that I am so far behind! Most days since I left there have been so many things I’ve had to cut things out, been able to write a week’s worth of posts in advance and I’m still almost a month behind in all the things I could write about. So as for new things, not a problem at all! Writing every day has been a challenge though, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last year or so, you can’t plan anything. Some days are unpredictably busy, and some days I have had zero motivation to sit in front of my computer screen and come up with anything remotely entertaining. But on the whole I think I’ve done OK, and I’ve managed to catch up every time I have fallen behind.

It seems that a couple of other people think my posts have been a bit of a laugh and have nominated me for a ‘Versatile Blogger Award.’ I’m new to all this blogging business, so when I first heard of it I didn’t really know what it was. It seemed like the wordpress version of a chain letter – you have to then nominate 15 blogs that you read as well. And apparently everyone nominated is automatically a winner. So its like the preschool version of an awards ceremony, which is nice. Seeing as I’m new to all this, and all the cool kids seem to be doing it, I’ll do the blogging version of running off to The Warehouse to get myself a Tamagotchi. And maybe some Chatter-rings.

So thanks to Zeta from American Hermit Crab in Denmark and Sunny from Cynicalboy for the nominations, I’m very flattered!

So according to the rules, here’s the blogs that I think are a bit of alright:

1. Learning to Dansk – one of my classmates from Canada, he posts about his travels in amazing detail (i.e. fantastic for travel advice), and I love reading his take on things we’ve both done, like our recent adventure to Stockholm

2. Thoughtsandrainstorms – I’ve loved this blog from the beginning, Holly is one of the most amazing writers and when she is famous I’ll be telling everyone I can that I know her!

3. Stuckinthegroove – another friend from Uni, this blog is primarily a music blog with some travel and life in the mix, and she has a brilliant way of describing her favourite music. Even better if you read it just after listening to one of the albums she writes about.

4. Orangette – a great food blog my friend introduced me to with amazing food and cute stories about her life.

5. Foodimentary – Fascinating food facts every day. For example, April 21st was world chocolate covered cashew nut day.

6. The Ranting Chef – yup, another food blog. I love cooking, and eating, and people who also love cooking and eating! And this is a great blog.

So the next rule is to write 7 things people don’t know about you. I already post far too much about myself (I’m awfully stalkable online) so here’s some things maybe not everyone knows (I really had to think hard to come up with 7):

1. I have an irrational fear of birds

2. I still have no idea what I’m going to do with my life once I graduate… possibly why I’m taking my time…

3. Nigella Lawson is my idol

4. The more I travel overseas, the more I fall in love with New Zealand. Its an awesome country in every possible way. But I’m still loving travelling.

5. I frequently joke about how my life goal is to become a trophy wife, and I find it really funny when people believe me.

6. I think I might be a workaholic. I’m currently studying full time, working as an au pair and doing an internship at a fitness company. Oh and writing and travelling and things. I prefer to think I never have an excuse to say my life isn’t interesting and a whole lot of fun.

7. I have trouble saying no to things, especially opportunities that come my way, so I don’t know why I thought my challenge to try new things would be hard!

So there we go. Officially on that bandwagon. I hope you check out the aforementioned blogs if you enjoy reading.

And thanks again Sunny and Zeta 🙂