265. Dutch Stroopwafel

One does not simply go to Europe and not try all the different types of waffles. The variety they lay claim to in the Netherlands is the Stroopwafel – two very thin waffles held together with a caramel-y sauce. Delicious, though very sweet – best shared with at least one other person because they are pretty hard to finish!

This one was found in a series of food stalls just before the Van Gogh museum – perfect entertainment whilst waiting in the long lines to get in.

264. Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum was probably one of my favourite art museums. Not only did the audioguide (definitely recommended) walk me through his life via his paintings, but the curators also had a wonderful collection of art that influenced him, among other special collections.

My favourite of Van Gogh’s works was Sunflowers, possibly because its vibrant colours really stood out compared to the opposite wall, which housed paintings from nearer to his death, as his mental illness was affecting him more and more (hint: they are kind of gloomy).

It was also interesting to note that he would never have been as famous as he is today, if it weren’t for his brother’s wife, who inherited his collection and boosted it to fame.

Another highlight of the museum was a collection of advertising prints from France in the late 1800s and early 1900s, as well as art featured on programmes from stage shows and the covers of sheet music.

All in all a great way to learn about Van Gogh’s life, as it was narrated through his art, as well as his influences and the art that was incorporated in to daily life at the time. Well worth a visit!