262. The Red Light District

Teeming with seedy men… but you can hardly blame them for checking it out, if even girls like us are curious to wander through the area!

My first sight of the Red Light District was very much by accident, walking through town to find my accommodation in the middle of the day, I looked to my left and right there was a girl in an american flag bikini, but with a more brazillian style to it. Not just a night-time thing apparently.

Later on we thought we’d take a wander through and see what all the infamous fuss was about. There really are a lot of girls, how would you say it, on display? It also seemed there were two distinct types with nothing in between – really just awkwardly ugly ones, and ones with absolutely stunning bodies that could easily be poster girls for celebrity trainers like Tracey Anderson. They were quite impressive, really.

I managed to get a sneaky few photos, before being told that if their pimps catch you, you WILL get mugged. Oops, my bad.

I also learned that they are all unionised. Apparently they get paid a tonne, and over the years have negotiated really great working conditions (well, that’s subjective, given the essence of the job) and excellent pay rates. And by pay rates I mean larger cuts from their pimps.

It’s all a bit of a laugh walking through such a bizarre part of town, until of course you see a male walking through one of the doors next to those red lit windows. Then you kindof want to vom.

Wait, where’s the can can?