23. Go to a Superbowl party

This post should have been called ‘watch the Superbowl’ but unfortunately that didn’t quite pan out.

One of the American exchange students had organised a party at his dorm. His place is a bit more like a classic hall of residence – small rooms, big shared kitchens and lounges, lots of rules. There was a huge lounge with a projector screen – ideal location!

Unfortunately it was on the opposite side of town, and getting there on a snowy Sunday night proved quite a mission. After changing over buses in what felt like the middle of nowhere, we finally made it to the correct stop. Unfortunately I had left my phone at home, complete with address loaded up on google maps. The only logical option was to pick a direction and hope it was the right one, as no-one knew where we were meant to go.

After a big loop in what, naturally, was the wrong direction, spurred on by a ‘helpful’ woman sending us even further away from where we were meant to be, we stopped in at a little burger joint. The guy behind the counter laughed – he had just given someone else directions to the same address. He drew us a map and sent us on our merry way. It always seems so much more hopeless when you are lost in the dark, even if it is only 7:30pm. An hour and a half after leaving home we found the location and cracked open a much needed Budweiser (just to be festive).

On arrival we discovered the game wasn’t actually going to start until midnight, which was when the last bus went. So instead we mixed and mingled, watched the pregame and embraced the tradition of Superbowl snacks. Translation: binge eating. It seems to be that the only qualifying factor of a Superbowl snack is that it is incredibly unhealthy! From chocolate dipped brownies to pizza to super spicy beef and cheese mini sandwiches. My favourite new snack was ‘Poutine’ – a Canadian snack that involves French fries, a special gravy-like sauce and loads of cheese. Just ask Rachel Ray – you can’t go wrong with loads of Cheese!

The pregame chat was also an interesting watch (it didn’t last long before we put the music back on). Imagine the least creative mainstream radio DJs you can. Now take away the music and any chat about the music. Now just give them one topic to talk about for 15 hours. It was no wonder they spent at least five minutes naming players and shouting ‘He’s a beeeeeeeeeaaast!’ I am fairly sure only Hamish and Andy can spend that much time generating good content out of nothing.

It was actually far more interesting watching the ads. Probably because I am a marketing student and advertising geek. It was fascinating and at times surprising to see which companies could afford a slot, and to analyse how much they must have spent.

Sadly, I had an 8am lecture and it would have cost a small fortune to taxi home had I missed the last bus, so Cinderalla was home by midnight.

Watching an actual superbowl game will have to wait another year.