47. Join an awesome study group

As already described in my initial impression of the Danish University style, collaboration is key, as our presentations. For one of my papers, Integrated Marketing Communication, throughout the semester we have to do a ‘voluntary’ group presentation. While the notion of doing an assignment for no credit is somewhat foreign to me, most of my exams are oral presentations to a panel of examiners, so it is pretty good practise. Particularly with the Danish style being so different. I actually kind of like the idea – it is much better training for the real world than cramming for two days before a multichoice exam.

The other key difference is that most students have all progressed through semesters/classes together, so already know eachother and are often already in study groups where they have worked on numerous projects.

In one of our earliest IMC lessons, the lecturer asked if the international students who were new to the class would like to be a group together or to split up and join groups with the Danish students. I jumped at the chance to work with students who a) already knew how the system worked and how to get good grades and b) were actual Danes! It was surprisingly difficult to meet Danes initially, with such a huge group of international students exploring Aarhus together.

In response, the lecturer had all the International students stand up and asked the Danish students to pick which ones of us they wanted! Only slightly awkward. I put on my best ‘I’m not an idiot, I swear!’ smile, which seems to have worked a treat.

I really hoped my study group meetings would be exactly like episodes of Community, but sadly my study group are all normal, really nice, and very welcoming. Actually that is probably a good thing, they never seem to get ANY work done on Community…

To compensate for the lack of Troy and Abed in the morning, the baking roster is having an excellent impact on productivity – especially as a certain study group member seems to be an avid fan of Epic Meal Time. In our most recent meeting, he whipped out a gigantic Mississipi Mud Cake, complete with melted marshmallows and mousse to got on top. And supposedly the unique combination of ingredients all cancelled out the calories, so that was a bonus. Pressure is certainly on when it is my turn to bake!

Epic Study Time