241. A literal Cheeseburger

In part two of the episode where I caved and ate at McDonald’s, despite originally forbidding myself to have McDonald’s over new, local food experiences, I managed to salvage the whole event by sampling the strangest McDonald’s menu item I have ever seen: a burger, where the patty is literally entirely made of cheese.

We managed to convince the hungry vegetarian of the group that he had to try it, complete with giggly faces as we watched him tuck in to what we assumed was going to be pure filth.

As it turned out, it was (unsurprisingly) nothing like the picture, but (surprisingly) a whole lot better. The McSmazak is actually more like a haloumi patty, derived from popular czech delicacy Smažený sýr. Like anything with haloumi in it, it was actually pretty tasty, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone game enough to try it, so long as you don’t have cholesterol problems, as this bad boy is in the Double dDwn leagues as far as calories go!