158. Lake Skanderborg

Just near myhouse lies Lake Skanderborg, or Skanderborg Sø. It is  a really prettylake, with no shortage of million dollar hosues along the edge. Many of the houses have these cute lilttle pool-house type creations going on, some resembling sun rooms, others storage sheds, and others still mini houses. For 100kr you can take a boat tour around the lake, and the wee boat (SS Dagmar) even has a mini cafe/bar onboard.

The lake itself is quite historic, as I learned at the Viking Museum. There were many viking settlements around the lake, and it was the spot were a whole bunch of bashed up weapons were found, cast in to the lake in a fit of rage, from the viking village that had successfully fended of the attack. It still seems  very odd to me that such a pleasant, unconfrontational population as the Danes have such a violent heritage!