119. Hunting down Santa

The first sign we were getting close to finding Santa was the photo of him above, seen on the wall of the Mack’s Brewery. Obviously he had been drinking there very recently. Makes sense, being the closest brewery to the North Pole and all.

Later on, I spotted what clearly must be where he gets his groceries and homewares and thought maybe I could bump into him there.

I ran into one of his reindeer. I couldn’t work out which one, but it wasn’t Rudolf. He was no help though.

I swung by his house, but he wasn’t home.

So then I thought maybe I’d catch him at Church

But alas. Despite all of the signs he had been there, I didn’t manage to find him anywhere. Rumour has it he holidays in Hawaii around this time of year.

89. Where Santa Goes To Lunch

On the edge of Sibelius park lies Cafe Regatta – quite possible the most novel cafe I have ever been in, if not in the world. And I’m fairly certain it is where Santa goes to lunch. The cafe itself is a tiny little shack, that is actually over the waters edge, chock full of all things finnish and christmassy and generally exciting.

As it is such a small wee cafe, there is a huge outdoor part. With a fire to sit around, a little picket fence, eclectic painted, wooden, mismatched chairs and extremely snowy surroundings, it was just the most amazing and unique atmosphere. I just couldn’t get enough of it! Lovely food and coffee too at pretty decent prices. It has an extra magical quality to it, looking far to small to possibly house a cafe from the outside, like it is some kind of Harry Potter cafe.

I was pretty excited that I was one step closer in my quest to find Santa, but I must have just missed him. Best get a little closer to the North Pole next time.