82. Reindeer Pizza

Strangely enough most of the restaurant recommendations in Helsinki that were a decent price seemed to close by 8pm. Not that helpful when you decided you are hungry at 7:30pm! Handily enough, there was a small restaurant/bar in my hostel  (Eurohostel Helsinki, which I thoroughly recommend) with a huge range of Finnish beers and culinary delights at very reasonable prices.

The bartender recommended the Reindeer Pizza and I just knew I couldn’t leave without trying it, for hilarity’s sake at the very least! It was actually really nice, and the meat had that rich, game-y taste. It reminded me of kangaroo meat, actually. The most unappetising part was actually the pickled cucumber on the pizza. A nice compliment to the smoked reindeer at first, but there was a little too much of it by the end.

It was great value too, 9 Euro and it fed me for dinner and breakfast. And now I can say I have eaten bambi, skippy the kangaroo AND rudolf. Don’t hate me, vegans.