134. 50kr Italian Buffet

This one is a recommendation for anyone looking for good value eating out in Aarhus. Hard to find in Denmark, but if you know the right places to go there are sneaky buffet’s everywhere with cheap prices. They often hook you be requiring an expensive drink purchase though.

Down a cheeky alleyway (actually it is on Frederiksgade) is an amazingly delicious all-you-can-eat Italian buffet for only 50kr – Den Bla Paraply (The Blue Umbrella) if I remember rightly. I expected it to be pretty poor quality for that price, but the food there was amazing, from the delicious breads, pasta and other dishes to the salad bar. The pizza was a definite highlight. A must-do, especially if you have had a sizeable night out the night before…

68. “The Subway of Italian Food”

Stockholm, it appears, is a place of great quality, everywhere you go. Even the cheapest restaurant we could find was amazing! We headed to Vapiano, an international chain of Italian restaurants that started in Germany. It had an amazing selection of pastas pizzas and salads, not to mention a fantastic set of hilarious food-related quotes all over the world.

I really enjoyed Vapiano, although some Swedes I met scoffed, and told me it was “The Subway of Italian Food.” I can see exactly why – there is no table service, but instead you are given a card that is scanned when you order food or drinks, and when you order the food, you pick a meal base but can customise it with different ingredients added, and you stand and watch the chefs make your meal before you take your meal and sit down. Unlike subway, however, you can enjoy a delicious glass of French Syrah while you watch the talented chefs cook amazing meals with very high quality ingredients. The setting was also really cosy – candle lit tables, each also covered with fresh basil and rosemary plants.

It seemed to be the perfect blend of delicious Italian food, German efficiency and Scandinavian design! Like McDonald’s, I refuse to eat at Subway while there are so many amazing and unique culinary experiences available to me in Europe and in no way at all did I get the Subway vibe. Must be some high Stockholm standards at play with that comment!