246. Hofburg Palace, Vienna

The Hofburg Palace, which housed many of Europe’s most powerful rulers (including the Habsburgs) has now expanded to include various residences, the chapel (Hofkapelle or Burgkapelle), museums (theNaturhistorisches Museum & Kunsthistorisches Museum), the Imperial Library (Hofbibliothek now the Prunksaal), the treasury (Schatzkammer), the national theatre (Burgtheater), the riding school (Hofreitschule), the horse stables (the Stallburg and Hofstallungen) and the Hofburg Congress Center.

It is a marvelous area to talk a wander round, with so many beautiful buidlings and gardens.

102. Harass the Norwegian Royal Guard

Having spent most of the day on my arse on the train to Oslo, as soon as I stepped off in to what was a beautiful sunny day, I thought it only fitting to take around town with my tourguide/friend Ryan. The palace is pretty close to the central station, and the walk between the two really is beautiful. While we were wandering around we saw all kinds of marching back and forth in illogical seeming patterns, and yelling out random Norwegian words. Its a cute tradition and all, but the guards are fairly useless. Makes me wonder how much they shell out in wages to have trained soldiers posing for tourists all day. Its not like they are using any of the normal technology a security guard might have in 2012 like radios, at the very lease. Nonetheless it can’t be too much of an issue when you are sitting on a tonne of oil and have the highest wages in the world.

Whenever I’m taking a picture with someone in it, I always feel I ought to ask for permission. Its not Buckingham Palace, so they are allowed to talk, and I was sharply told I could only take a photo of him if I was standing to his left. Still not really sure where that reasoning comes from, but I did what I was told. Especially because the wee fellow was so serious about it!

Not sure if he could tell I was taking the piss in that photo, but by this one I think it was clear: