112. Learn the Danish National Anthem

Well I didn’t actually learn it, I only heard it the one time! A quick wee clip from Kapsejlads.

An interesting observation about Danish people, is many of them don’t seem to think they are particularly patriotic, or nationalists at all. And yet there are Danish flags everywhere, they whip the anthem out at drinking events and they love their Queen. Compare that to New Zealand, where most kiwis will tell you that without a doubt NZ is the best country in the world, but we don’t have flags everywhere, nor are we particularly bothered about royals (possibly due to the fact they are all the way over in England).

Every time I meet someone Danish and they ask where I’m from, I’m immediately met with the response “but why would you want to come here?!” and a puzzled look. While I’ve been tempted to say “Oh I just wanted to come to the country with the highest taxes and most expensive goods and services I could find, and I definitely didn’t want reliable good weather” it does make me wonder if the Danish government spends any of the money it rakes in on tourism. I happen to think its a great place to be, but not many others, even the Danes themselves ,seem to know anything about the perks of this place!