310. The Louvre

Just the building itself was a magnificent piece of art, but all of the other famous works were also a fantastic experience. My favourite part was actually the sculpture gardens – refreshingly spread out compared to all the other parts which were jammed in.

The sheer volume of security (including armed soldiers and sniffer dogs) was astounding and felt a little over the top, as was the Nintendo “audio guide” complete with 3D simulations. Not sure why that was necessary when you were actually atthe museum, but the different options of how to get around (e.g. the “highlights” for a tighter schedule) was helpful.

I felt like I barely scratched the surface, and there were entire wings I didn’t get to see in the enormous behemoth of a building, but it was amazing, especially ever time I stopped and reminded myself to look up and see even more great art on the roof. Even looking out the windows at the grounds felt like admiring a painting!