345. Moules Frites

Belgium is a fantastic place to go for cuisine. Managing to be famous for Chocolate, Fries, Beer, Waffles and in Brussels, Mussels and Fries or Moules Frites.

All around the market square there are plenty of restaurants with deals going on. I’d just made a friend in my hostel which was handy, because I wanted to go sample the Best Beer In The World but wasn’t sure how appropriate it was to go on my own! After a few large pints it was definitely time for a feed, and what better opportunity to tick off this culinary bucket list item, At the restaurant we picked, which had a deal going for €8 for mussels, fries and a glass of wine, we were promptly seated at the tiniest little romantic date sized table and served a shared bowl. Mildly awkward given we’d only just met, but hilarious none the less! I was also greatly entertained by the fact that this city was famous for its mussels, and yet they were the tiniest most flavourless muscles I’d ever had, in comparison to what I’m used to in New Zealand anyway! But then again that could have had something to do with the price we were paying.IMG_5236 (640x480) IMG_5239 (640x480) IMG_5238 (640x480)