342. Sacre Coeur

IMG_2950My other favourite view in Paris was from atop the Sacre Coeur. And not only was it great looking out from the roof, but looking up inside the cathedral at the painting on the interior of the roof was just stunning.

I also quite enjoyed looking down at the monastry next door, where nuns were walking around the garden in circles reading books. It was like a game of pac-man. The climb up to the roof was a bit of a mission, and not for the claustraphobic. I could imagine the majority of the All Blacks wouldn’t actually be able to fit through the narrow staircase!

The crypt underneath had some great wee treasure exhibits and chapels/sculptures too.IMG_2926 IMG_2924 IMG_2928 IMG_2927 IMG_2920 IMG_2921 IMG_2922 IMG_2918 IMG_2910 IMG_2913 IMG_2908 IMG_2904 IMG_2948 IMG_2945 IMG_2947 IMG_2943 IMG_2942 IMG_2936 IMG_2935 IMG_2932 IMG_2934 IMG_2933

341. Montmartre

Refreshingly different from the rest of Paris, Montmartre was incredibly cute with so many gorgeous little cafes and shops, and beautiful, quirky houses with great views. We walked past a real estate agent and my eyeballs just about popped out of my head when I saw how expensive apartments were there, but it was no surprise!

More iphonography as my camera was out of commission at that stage:

IMG_2899 IMG_2897 IMG_2896 IMG_2961 IMG_2958 IMG_2959 IMG_2960 IMG_2957 IMG_2956 IMG_2955 IMG_2953 IMG_2954 IMG_2948