298. Wooed by France’s Greatest Ladies Man

It was hard not to notice him dancing in the crowd. Without a care in the world, he was pulling out all his own moves. It didn’t matter what anyone thought, he was having a great time.

It wasn’t long before I must have caught his eye, for he came sauntering over in my direction, grabbing my hands to make me dance with him. His smile, and his pure enjoyment of the music was infectious. But just as quickly as he’d come along, he was dancing with my friend! It seemed they’d really hit it off – she must have been just as transfixed. There was something especially cute about him, his big brown eyes.

He got closer and closer until he was practically sitting on her, all cosied up, embracing eachother, even though they’d barely said a word. Not too worry, I’m not the jealous type.

But just as I thought that was the last of the attention I’d be getting from this gorgeous boy, he’d ditched her and was back to dance again. The audacity of it all! But his confidence was all part of his charm, I guess. Just as quickly as he’d won her over, he’d latched on to me! For most of the rest of the night he barely let go, but his smile was enough to win any girl over.

Safe to say he was the most charming, beautiful French boy I’ve ever met.

I mean, could you say no to this?

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