225. Old-New Synagogue, Prague

The Old-New Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter is the oldest functioning synagogue in Europe, and was built around 1270. It is famous for the story of the Golem of Prague.

Supposedly, the Rabbi (Judah Loew ben Bezalel) created a golem out of mud. When a Nazi officer went in to the attic (or Genizah, a storage place of old writings), the legend says the Golem came alive and killed him. Supposedly during the war the Gestapo didn’t enter the attic and the church was preserved. The attic isn’t open to the public, further preserving the mystery!

224. Josefov/The Jewish Quarter, Prague

The Jewish Quarter or Josefov, was established when the Jewish community in the city of Prague was ordered to leave their homes and were confined in one area. Over centuries the population grew and grew, but the area stayed the same, eventually developing into a dense, overly populated ghetto. More and more restrictions were imposed, including trade restrictions and curfews.

Today, there are six famous synagogues and aone of the most famous graveyards in Europe, but aside from that many of the buildings are truly magnificent, glorious wonders and it is quite the luxurious place to live. Ironically enough, supposedly Hitler was eyeing it up as a place to eventually retire. Also in the irony basket is the giant Hugo Boss store in the centre