84. Published! Yeah!

A wee while ago I stumbled across a twitter feed about a new student┬átargeted┬átravel blog that was in the works. I’d only just recently been hearing about Let’s Go Travel Guides, started by a Harvard student who wanted to collate useful information for budget travellers and thought it was a really good idea. Student Travelog is a 2012 version of this, and is shaping up to be a really cool site. Most of my travel planning is as a result of reading up on other people’s stories and advice, searching Tripadvisor, Wikipedia, Lonely Planet and other people’s blogs. It is hit and miss sometimes, as not everyone travels on a budget and traditional travel guides/websites often don’t target those who will go out of their way for adventures on the cheap. Student Travelog absolutely meets my needs in terms of travel-on-the-cheap, off the beaten track adventures, advice and general debate about travel.

When I saw they were looking for writers I sent in a few posts from here and voila! here’s my contribution to the Destination Guide section.


There’s loads of really helpful information and fascinating stories on the site from other young travellers, so be sure to check it out.