331. Azul Fit Yoga Retreat


At last, about 28 hours later than expected, we arrived in Fuerteventura and headed to the “Azul Fit” yoga retreat. It consists of a small villa about 30mins or so out of Corralejo, the main town on the island. We wound up there after we went in search of somewhere we could chill out by the beach, do some surf lessons and easily/cheaply fly there between leaving London and heading to Brussels for a music festival. Claire and I also happen to be growing yoga fans, so when we discovered this place we were quite excited!

It turned out to be just the most amazing and relaxing week I have ever had. Despite intermissions of rather gruelling surf lessons, mountain biking and volcano climbing, there was plenty of time for sunbathing by the pool and book reading. By the end of the week we had built up to doing about 3 hours of yoga and pilates per day, and coupled with the delicious, healthy organic food on offer I cannot recall a time in my life when I have felt healthier! It was just the recharge we needed after the dramas we had had, and a great escape from being in big cities. As Claire and I took up every opportunity to adventure around and do activities, we realised we most definitely were living up to the adventurous kiwi stereotypes! Travel is fun and I’ve loved seeing so many great places that I’ve heard so much about, but I definitely came to the realisation that my idea of a holiday involves as few people and as much nature as possible!

The staff there were also absolutely fantastic. They even let us stay an extra night for free because of our delayed flight which was really sweet and totally unnecessary. It was quite a small, intimate place, and we got on really well with all the girls there (it was all girls that particular week, and not many males in general, usually). The main chef, Jo, made the most amazing, delicious meals, all of which were vegetarian and easily gluten/dairy free. It was really inspirational in terms of creative items on the menu that were really tasty and left me feeling really great by the end of the week. She sent us some of her recipes from the week which I have since made with great success, and she now has a cookbook available which I will most definitely be purchasing once I’m done travelling around. It was a great reminder of the huge difference I feel when I cut out gluten and dairy especially…

I definitely couldn’t recommend the place any higher, it was such an awesome way to relax and unwind, particularly if yoga/surfing/mountain biking is your thing. And compared to its rivals in places like Bali, it was a really cheap offer. We actually mentioned that to the owners, but they were more concerned with being accessible to more people than pitching themselves to the Eat-Pray-Love crowd and charging through the roof. Oh and did I mention how lovely they were?IMG_5090 (480x640) IMG_5089 (480x640) IMG_5088 (480x640) IMG_5086 (640x480) IMG_5084 (480x640) IMG_5083 (640x480) IMG_5081 (640x480) IMG_5079 (640x480) IMG_5031 (640x480) IMG_4923 (640x480) IMG_4910 (640x480)



I improvised this wee ‘recipe’ after my trip to Bazar Vest – the local market  that has multiple fresh, amazingly cheap vegetable stalls. I also committed to never eating strawberries outside of summer again.

This is a delicious, simple, cheap way to inject a bit of health in to your diet if it has been a bit lacking. As a lover of asian food in Scandinavia, I’ve been hard pressed to find a good stir fry without making it from scratch, which is a lot easier than Kantong would have you believe.


Fresh ginger
Fresh Coriander
1/2 a red chilli
1 Onion
1 Clove garlic
Juice of 1 Lime
1 Tbsp Oil
2 Tbsp Soy Sauce
Whichever fresh veges you like/have – wander around the market for oodles of inspiration. I used courgettes, yellow capsicum, mushrooms and my all time favourite vegetable, broccoli. You could also add chicken or prawn, but if you have just returned with a basket full of delicious, fresh veges it is quite unnecessary.

Sautee onions/garlic in oil. Add diced chilli, coriander and ginger (about 1cm squared should do it). More or less as you like it. Add veges according to the time they take to cook i.e. broccoli takes longest, add it first; capsicum is quickest so add it last. Add lime juice and soy sauce, allow to simmer, but no too long as you’ll lose the crisp fresh taste of all your veges.

Serve alone, with rice or as a side dish – however you like! Yum.