274. Vondelpark

In the middle of Amsterdam is a huge and absolutely magnificent park, also known as Vondelpark. With a huge road around it full of joggers and cyclists getting some inner city exercise, lakes, clearings, and amazing (probably ridiculously expensive) houses on the waters edge, it was a beautiful spot to walk around.

What I really loved about it though, were the adult-sized playgrounds scattered throughout with lots of things to climb on and through and forget your age!

259. Oosterpark

One of the first things I noticed on arrival in Amsterdam was how much greenery there is everywhere. It seemed every spare space was full of grass and trees, and even further out from the city centre there were man made canals along leafy shaded pathways. It was quite a striking difference from every other city I’ve been to.

The parks of Amsterdam are, in my opinion, one of the most underrated parts of the city. We were staying just near Oosterpark and walked through it every day to get to the city centre, and it was really beautiful! I really enjoyed how extra special effort had been made, with statues all over this relatively small park in the middle of town.