64. Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan, or the Old Town, in central Stockholm is quite possibly one of the most beautiful spots in all Stockholm, and if I’d been to more places I reckon I’d be extending that area quite considerably. Until then, I’ll stick to what I know.

Stockholm has been called the Venice of Scandinavia, and it is easy to see why in Gamla Stan. The city is made up of a number of islands, one of them being Stadsholmen, where Gamla Stan is found. Every square inch of land on Stadsholmen is taken up by stunning old-style architecture, with the buildings as close to the edge of the island as possible, with only the minimum amount of cobbled pathways separating them.

Gamla Stan dates back to the 13th century and includes the Royal Palace, the Stockholm Stock Exchange building and the Cathedral. Unlike the Old Town in Aarhus, Gamla Stan isn’t an open air musuem or collection of relics and replicas, but instead many of the medieval buildings are still in use as cafes, restaurants, bakeries, antique stores and bars. There is something very romantic and magical about walking through the town in the evening and seeing the cafes full of people, enjoying the music at candle-lit tables. It is like being transported back in time, but with hygienic streets and food safety standards.

62. “The View”

My lovely friend and Stockholm local, Emelie, told us where to find the best view in Stockholm, without dropping a tonne of money on the tourist-filled gondola. It turned out to be quite the scavenger hunt, as we made our way to Sodermalm, walked through the grounds of the Hilton, up and down alleyways and through the hills, hunting down Monteliusvägen – a little path on an (almost) cliff edge. On the way there we were following our friend Marc, who by the end of the trip was dubbed “the map.” Being such a beautiful city, there were many highly aesthetically pleasing spots along the way, prompting repeated calls of “Is this The View?”  “Ok, is this The View?” “Surely we must have found The View now?” Like children on a road trip yelling out “Are we there yet.” I don’t think Marc/The Map was too impressed.

When we got there, it was truly beautiful. From the old boats immediately below us, to the entire north of the city stretched out before us, including the stunning Gamla Stan (Old Town).

Here’s my attempts at panaramic photos, plus a few normal ones: