301. Gourmet Macaroons in Paris

paris9When in Paris, one absolutely must try the macaroons! In Galleries Lafayette there was a macaroon stall by the name of Pierre Hermé, which had some incredibly delicious looking flavours, that definitely tasted every bit as good as expected. I tried a pistachio and cherry one, which was just amazing! Claire had a passionfruit and chocolate one, which also got a pretty good review.

I’m glad the parisian style gourmet macaroons have become such a fashion trend around the world, because they are just great!

300. Galleries Lafayette

paris8Paris is famous for shopping, and one of the best places to go was Galleries Lafayette. Not only does it house every designer you can think of, plus a whole lot more, but it also has champagne bars, day spas, art galleries, wedding consultants, a rooftop terrace with cafes, restuarants and excellent views, a gourmet food department (LOVED that) and it even (to its detriment, in my opinion) has a McDonalds. Right in the luggage section, odly enough.paris11

The beauty and jewellery displays on the ground floor were amazing, especially with the growing appreciation Claire was giving me of excellently designed shop fronts and displays.paris10

The building itself was really beautiful too. A definite must-see if shopping is your thing! There was also a surprising amount of affordable clothing on the upper floors too, particularly on the Zara sale rack.