86. Walking on a Frozen Lake

You might call this one cheating, as I already tried out the whole walk-on-water thing at Uni, but back then all I really did was stand on the edge because I didn’t want to be all wet in class.

Well, in Helsinki, I decided to step things up a notch. As I wandered out to the Olympic Stadium (seems to be a massive deal there) there was a gigantic and fairly solid looking frozen lake. Even though I saw people walking dogs across it, I wouldn’t have considered a short cut across it unless I knew the ice was really thick. However, when I saw a little old lady dragging one of those wheely shopping carts across I decided to break from my “assume nothing” travel rule and give it a crack.

You’ll be happy to know I succeeded, and made it to the middle of the lake with great excitement! It actually got old really fast though, as it was super slippery and I really missed the handy grip provided by the pavement.

Made for some cool panorama shots though!

12. Walk on Water

I’m pretty much Jesus

There is a beautiful lake in the middle of campus which is frozen over at the moment. So naturally, I decided to try and walk on it! I only took a few steps because I didn’t want to be frozen over, but it was super exciting. First time I have ever been anywhere near a frozen lake!

There is an annual boat race every year where a team of four from each faculty must row across the lake, down two beers and row back again. Apparently Medicine usually wins! It is meant to be really great to watch and everyone turns out. The date is yet to be set but I really hope it is this semester.

The main University campus is beautiful and essentially has a giant park in the middle. Here are a few photos from around campus: