346. Belgian/French Fries

IMG_5766 (480x640)Belgium is apparently famous for its “French” Fries, or “Frites,” given they originated there. I had heard most of the touristy places were quite hit and miss, and had read many a blog providing directions to obscure spots where you can find the best ones. But I thought to myself, how hard is it to make some fries? It reminded me of a certain friend who gets a little nervous about whether or not he is going to get a good meal whilst travelling, and he¬†really¬†likes his food. So whenever he tried something different or new, he would always get fries on the side, saying “You can’t f*ck up fries!”

To be fair the, the typical fries belgium is famous for are double fried which apparently adds to the deliciousness. The ones I tried were just from a little stall near the main square and were pretty tasty. I particularly enjoyed the millions of sauces available, treating myself to the recommended curry sauce, and my trusty old favourite, aioli. ‘Fraid you just can’t beat a good aioli, and it was the winner on the day!IMG_5768 (480x640) IMG_5767 (640x480) IMG_5765 (640x480)