316. Climb the Eiffel Tower

IMG_4322Going up the Eiffel Tower was an obvious bucket list item, but we kept putting it off because the thought of the horrendously long lines coupled with the heat was a major deterrent. Finally, we were starting to run out of time, and on our last possible opportunity to go up, we were both coming down with something that felt a bit like food poisoning. Typical.

Giant lines, heat, having the shakes and wanting to vomit, however, were not big enough road blocks to stop this bucket list item being firmly checked off! With a giant bottle of coke to perk me up in the line, I had enough false energy to get me up the stairs. One thing that will just never cease to amaze me, was how many people opted to spend four hours in line to go up the lifts, when you could spend 20 minutes walking up the stairs to the first platform and barely wait at all. If I could take a stab at the average BMI of the lift line, it would definitely be somewhere between overweight and obese…

Once on the first platform it was all fairly painless waiting in line for the next few lifts, and we even managed to stand close enough to a tour group to hear some interesting facts. Win.

By the time we got to the top of the tower, the great views had become absolutely spectacular views, and even Montmartre and the Sacre Coeur looked like a slight bump in comparison!

307. Picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower

IMG_3533 (480x640)In the most touristy of all things touristy possible in the world, we absolutely HAD to have a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower.

It was the most hilarious sensation, being there right in front of the Eiffel Tower on a beautiful sunny day, in a lovely park that was absolutely PACKED with people. It was also at that moment that I realised that being in Paris is exactly like being in a giant postcard. Everything is exactly as you expect it to be, nothing more, nothing less. And you have seen it all before. So on the one hand its all very satisfying to finally go to all these places you have been wanting to go for a really long time, but on the other hand there are no surprises. None at all.

Almost as packed as a concert!

Almost as packed as a concert!

IMG_3532 (640x480)

The entertainment factor of the Parc du Champs de Mars, however, was a lot better than expected. First, the sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower thing. I’m not gonna deny it wasn’t novel and exciting. Second, the sitting around in a park with your bottles of wine and fancy French cheeses, and the drinking bit being all legal and legit, and the wine and cheese being so cheap compared to what you would pay at home.

Third, there’s all the extreme PDA. Everywhere we looked there were couples just all over each other, to the point where it was actually really funny.

So much PDA, which became quite entertaining as we watched them try to eat/drink in such an awkward and uncomfortable position

So much PDA, which became quite entertaining as we watched them try to eat/drink in such an awkward and uncomfortable position


Fourth, the wine hecklers. All afternoon, like many places all over Paris, there were Indian men coming up to us trying to sell bottles of wine (and cigarettes). At tourist destinations with huge queues it is usually bottled water and at some parks it is bottles of beer (I’m not sure how they decide, but apparently this one is a wine park).

Heckler's in action

Heckler’s in action


...and then not so much

…and then not so much

After we ran out of wine, we signalled one over to see how much he was offering, to see if it was worth it to not have to move to get another bottle. After he said €20, we laughed and politely declined. However, we had made the crucial error of displaying the slightest bit of interest, and he wasn’t going to give up easy. He then lead in with “well how much did you pay for that bottle?” and I guess he was expecting us to be a bit more classy, as his heart visibly sank when we told him it was €2. Still not keen though, to the great entertainment of all the couples around us I haggled him down to €6 for his bottle and it was satisfaction all round. However, as soon as the sun went down, suddenly out of nowhere (as if they had been hiding behind the trees) there were at least 30 more men wandering around trying to sell all kind of things. And by gosh did they get aggressive! There was some serious desperation among them, at one point they were trying to distract me by offering a free bottle of wine while their mates circled round eyeing up our handbags. Needless to say the magic was somewhat ruined after that. We could definitely understand how it was very much an illegal activity (we actually saw one guy getting arrested earlier on), and after the near robbery (lucky we were on our toes after the whole van incident) it definitely ruined that magic a bit.

Fifth, and most clichéd of all was when the Tower lit up. It really was quite magical, though I most definitely cringed when everyone started clapping. It reminded me of when people clap when a plane lands, a massive pet peeve of mine. If you don’t clap the waiter when he delivers you a coffee, don’t clap the pilot for just doing his job either!IMG_3574 (480x640) IMG_3586 (480x640) IMG_3596 (480x640)

We had intended to go up it the tower while we were there, but after a few wines and with the size of the lines in full view, the beginning of the process of putting it off every day for almost two weeks began!IMG_3520 (640x480) IMG_3516 (640x480) IMG_3519 (480x640)