297. Surprise Festival

IMG_3227On our first day in Paris we decided to take an evening stroll around the city centre, and as we came along to the Hotel de Ville, there was an enormous stage set up. It turned out to be “Festival Fnac Live” – a free music festival where there were bands and DJs playing all weekend. The best part about it, was that in true Parisian style, everyone there was¬†picnicking!¬†IMG_3226

Although it was technically a music festival, it didn’t at all feel like one – with no tickets or gates, and the ability to bring your own food and drinks it felt so much more low key. Later on though, once the French electro DJs came on and had far too much fun with all the lighting the vibe definitely changed, but for the most part it was really nice – what the Danes would describe as “Hyggeli” or cosy!IMG_3237


Some very serious cutting of shapes going on

It was nice to see people there of all ages, most of which eventually were really cutting loose on the dance floor, and despite the ability to bring as much alcohol as you so desire, everyone was perfectly civil and relaxed. Totally different from what you’d find at music festivals I’ve been to previously, especially in Australia.
fnac 2Fnac