63. Have a Fika

Whilst in Sweden, it was highly important to indulge in a lovely tradition called “having a Fika.” Fika loosely translates to “coffee break” but it is vitally important that your fika is long and relaxed – no nipping down to the coffee cart to grab a takeaway caffeine fix. Instead, a fika is about sitting, relaxing, chatting (it can be a break from work or a date) and most often having something sweet, like a Swedish cinnamon roll. A most endearing social trend.

It seems to me that it is just putting a name to something we do in New Zealand quite a lot. If you aren’t going out for drinks, you will generally catch up with a friend over coffee. My Canadian friend thought it was an amazing tradition, but being from such a high-strung, business focussed continent, she was astounded at how much productivity must be lost sitting down and having a coffee in Sweden (a 1-2 hour fika is supposedly a normal part of the working day). We concluded any time lost was made up by all the J-walking they do in Sweden.

In Sweden, we had many a fika. The best was probably at a cafe called Saturnus, another adventure Emelie sent us on, off the beaten track to find the biggest and best cinnamon rolls in all of Stockholm. They were amazing, but only the boy of the group could finish one. We were suitably impressed.

Cinnamon rolls for GIANTS

I got this far before feeling like I was going to be sick

You would hardly have noticed the place, without super specific instructions from a local