289. Super Budget Halloween

What happens when you get a bunch of exchange students with super tight budgets from the business school together for a Halloween party? A whole lot of creativity!

In what was one of the more enterprising Halloween parties I had ever been to, the theme was definitely keeping costs as low as possible. So much so, that the party itself was organised by one particularly enterprising French Canadian, who had us all paying a cover charge and in return supplied well over 1000 beers, as well as food, a model that has been working fairly well throughout the semester and no doubt results in a tidy profit (and deservedly so) with the Danish recycling system!

What I really loved about this party, was that in an effort to spend as little as possible (we’ve all become masters of cost saving, what with being poor students AND backpackers at the same time), most of the costumes were clever gags, rather than the obvious but expensive witch or fairy or disney princess. There were a few from “The Office” including Jim’s ‘Facebook’ and ‘Three Hole Punch’ costumes, though my favourite was probably Hunter S Thompson’s Raoul Duke from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Possibly because working out that costume went something like

“I don’t know what your costume is, but you look like the guy Jonny Depp played in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

“YES! No one has guessed it” and then I learned how difficult it is to find bucket hats in Denmark, though cigarette extenders are comparatively common.IMG_8216 (480x640)

Another favourite was the old man, as well as the Christmas Tree, complete with decorations. And of course there was the usual proportion of Halloween Cross Dressers. My costume was well in line with an incredibly low budget, my token costume party item – a silly hat. Sadly, as with all novelty hats at parties, it disappeared off into the crowd, but at a grand expense of $2 I didn’t cry myself to sleep over itIMG_8214 (480x640) IMG_8210 (640x480) IMG_8213 (480x640) IMG_8205 (640x480) IMG_8222 (480x640) IMG_8224 (640x480) IMG_8233 (640x480) IMG_8225 (480x640)IMG_8211 (640x480) IMG_8226 (480x640) IMG_8236 (480x640) IMG_8243 (480x640) IMG_8223 (640x480) IMG_8217 (480x640)

Good to see the old man hadn’t given up, and was still trying it on with Little Bo Peep.IMG_8238 (480x640)


I improvised this wee ‘recipe’ after my trip to Bazar Vest – the local market  that has multiple fresh, amazingly cheap vegetable stalls. I also committed to never eating strawberries outside of summer again.

This is a delicious, simple, cheap way to inject a bit of health in to your diet if it has been a bit lacking. As a lover of asian food in Scandinavia, I’ve been hard pressed to find a good stir fry without making it from scratch, which is a lot easier than Kantong would have you believe.


Fresh ginger
Fresh Coriander
1/2 a red chilli
1 Onion
1 Clove garlic
Juice of 1 Lime
1 Tbsp Oil
2 Tbsp Soy Sauce
Whichever fresh veges you like/have – wander around the market for oodles of inspiration. I used courgettes, yellow capsicum, mushrooms and my all time favourite vegetable, broccoli. You could also add chicken or prawn, but if you have just returned with a basket full of delicious, fresh veges it is quite unnecessary.

Sautee onions/garlic in oil. Add diced chilli, coriander and ginger (about 1cm squared should do it). More or less as you like it. Add veges according to the time they take to cook i.e. broccoli takes longest, add it first; capsicum is quickest so add it last. Add lime juice and soy sauce, allow to simmer, but no too long as you’ll lose the crisp fresh taste of all your veges.

Serve alone, with rice or as a side dish – however you like! Yum.