308. The Best Breakfast Routine

One of the novelties of spending a few weeks living in central Paris (well, the 11th arrondissement) was that your daily routine became all very Parisian. Especially because our awful, tiny hotel room didn’t have a fridge, or any kind of cooling, just a giant window with constant sun streaming in to make it feel like a sauna. Not ideal for food storage. So every morning when we woke up (usually closer to lunchtime, as we got stuck there for so long that our timetable became quite leisurely) we would head down to the local fromagerie, pick out a new cheese to sample, the bakery for some fresh croissants (and occasionally other beautiful looking pastries/desserts), pop in to the local green grocer for fresh veges and the charcuterie for some ham, where the butcher was one of the few people who nodded in encouragement as I tried to order in French, rather than scoff rudely at my lack of knowledge of what was obviously the only language one need ever know in the world.. Not the most time- efficient routine, but great for a fresh, cheap, gourmet breakfast, and oh so novel!IMG_3604 (640x480) IMG_3602 (640x480) IMG_3605 (640x480) IMG_3601 (640x480)

72. Pastry Heaven

Café 60 was one of the few cafes I have ever seen that can get away with throwing a whole bunch of unrelated crap in a room, with no clear design or theme, and still look great. The theme was carried on with the food – it was practically lined wall to wall with every possible type of sandwich, pastry, handmade chocolate, dessert and cake you can imagine, and many more that you never would have. You could tell it was the sort of food where the focus was on the quality, rather than making sure the cakes and pastries look exactly how they are meant to, a la most other bakeries around. We didn’t actually get round to trying any of the amazing creations, as we were there for the amazing breakfast deal: 25kr for a coffee or tea, a juice, a piece of fruit and pretty decently sized sandwich if you are there before 10am. I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a decent cheap breakfast. There were a million and one menu options if you wanted to upscale a bit for a few more kroner too.