348. Belgian Chocolates

All over Brussels there are a number of Chocolatiers and shops with everything from open displays of how they are made to chocolate fountains. I can’t even remember which of the many near the main square I popped in to for samples, but my favourites were a toss up between the old classic hazlenut nougat, and chilli chocolate. Can’t complete the belgian culinary experience without the chocolates!IMG_5809 (480x640) IMG_5810 (640x480) IMG_5811 (640x480) IMG_5812 (640x480) IMG_5813 (640x480) IMG_5814 (640x480) IMG_5816 (480x640) IMG_5817 (640x480) IMG_5834 (640x480) IMG_5836 (480x640) IMG_5852 (640x480)

347. Mannekin Pis

IMG_5832 (640x480)The “Mannekin Pis” is a very famous statue of a wee boy urinating into a fountain. Emphasis on the wee, it was reminiscent of the Mona Lisa in terms of its underwhelming size.

I thought the story of its origin was quite cute though – supposedly a wee boy went missing one day and had the whole village out searching for him, and finally they found him pissing into a fountain.

Yet another spot with a hilarious mob of tourists (myself included). One guy came up and asked me to take a photo of him, to which I agreed, and then said “I’m going to do something quite rude though.” Oh god I thought, don’t unzip your pants and urinate next to it. As I awkwardly said no and tried to give him his camera back, he got down on one knee and mimed catching the water from the fountain in his mouth. At least his pants stayed on!!IMG_5833 (480x640) IMG_5830 (640x480)

346. Belgian/French Fries

IMG_5766 (480x640)Belgium is apparently famous for its “French” Fries, or “Frites,” given they originated there. I had heard most of the touristy places were quite hit and miss, and had read many a blog providing directions to obscure spots where you can find the best ones. But I thought to myself, how hard is it to make some fries? It reminded me of a certain friend who gets a little nervous about whether or not he is going to get a good meal whilst travelling, and he really likes his food. So whenever he tried something different or new, he would always get fries on the side, saying “You can’t f*ck up fries!”

To be fair the, the typical fries belgium is famous for are double fried which apparently adds to the deliciousness. The ones I tried were just from a little stall near the main square and were pretty tasty. I particularly enjoyed the millions of sauces available, treating myself to the recommended curry sauce, and my trusty old favourite, aioli. ‘Fraid you just can’t beat a good aioli, and it was the winner on the day!IMG_5768 (480x640) IMG_5767 (640x480) IMG_5765 (640x480)

345. Moules Frites

Belgium is a fantastic place to go for cuisine. Managing to be famous for Chocolate, Fries, Beer, Waffles and in Brussels, Mussels and Fries or Moules Frites.

All around the market square there are plenty of restaurants with deals going on. I’d just made a friend in my hostel which was handy, because I wanted to go sample the Best Beer In The World but wasn’t sure how appropriate it was to go on my own! After a few large pints it was definitely time for a feed, and what better opportunity to tick off this culinary bucket list item, At the restaurant we picked, which had a deal going for €8 for mussels, fries and a glass of wine, we were promptly seated at the tiniest little romantic date sized table and served a shared bowl. Mildly awkward given we’d only just met, but hilarious none the less! I was also greatly entertained by the fact that this city was famous for its mussels, and yet they were the tiniest most flavourless muscles I’d ever had, in comparison to what I’m used to in New Zealand anyway! But then again that could have had something to do with the price we were paying.IMG_5236 (640x480) IMG_5239 (640x480) IMG_5238 (640x480)

344. The Best Beer In The World. Apparently…

IMG_5223 (480x640)

Supposedly, Belgian bar Delirium is home to the Best Beer In The World, Westvleteren 12. I’m not entirely sure who makes such a decree, but I thought I ought to give it a try.

The bar was really cool, with a very industrial, inner-workings-of-a-brewery feel to it. Though I’ll be honest, I could barely taste the difference between the top beer and the cheapest house beer on the menu.IMG_5221 (640x480)IMG_5220 (640x480) IMG_5222 (640x480)
IMG_5224 (480x640) IMG_5226 (640x480) IMG_5227 (640x480) IMG_5228 (640x480) IMG_5231 (640x480) IMG_5233 (480x640)