337. Castillo Caleta de Fuste

IMG_5173 (640x480)On my last night in Fuerteventura I stayed in Castillo Caleta de Fuste, mostly so I could be close to the airport and get to my super early flight. Castillo de Caleta seems to be a giant town made of hotels and resorts. The waterfront is dominated by the giant complex that is the Barcelo Resort. In fact, as you walk around the waterfront, you suddenly sort of find yourself in the middle of it. There is one tiny strip of houses on the waterfront that refuse to be bought out, but aside from that almost every building is part of the resort, and kind of makes you feel like you aren’t meant to be there!

The last hangers on:

IMG_5203 (640x480) IMG_5204 (640x480)

The waterfront was really beautiful and picturesque, particularly as the sun went down. My favourite photo that really sums up the vibe of the rest of the place is this one:IMG_5155 (640x480)

The falling apart sign of a resort that is barely able to keep running is not at all an uncommon site. In fact, Fuerteventura has some huge issues with Spanish property developers turning up and deciding to build hotels on land they don’t even own, or just starting up some construction as a money laundering exercise, so there are tonnes of giant concrete half finished construction sites, where either the project was abandoned or the landowners managed to get an injunction.

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