330. Fort Barcelona

We managed to have yet another travel disaster when we first attempted to leave Barcelona. On arrival at the airport, the lines were so long with half of Britain going on their budget holidays to Spanish beaches (think “The Inbetweeners”). There were two Ryanair checkout counters for about 6 flights, and despite being there 2 hours before checkin closed, the lines were so long that they closed it before we could check in. You can only imagine how fuming mad I was. And I wasn’t alone. There was a huge amount of angry yelling in Spanish and plenty of tears going on around us as others had their holidays ruined. The only remote attempt at a remedy was being given a fax number for Ryanair HQ in Dublin, also very infuriating. Who even uses a fax machine these days anyway?!

And so we were forced to camp out at Barcelona airport for about 12 hours waiting for a flight. There was barely any seating, as we couldn’t check in for 10 hours so had to wait near the desks, and no plugs anywhere either. We eventually found one behind a vending machine and entertained ourselves with gossip magazines, West Wing episodes and chocolate from the gift shop. When this got old, we built a fort out of our bags and a couple of airport trolleys. Mostly to hide ourselves from security as we definitely weren’t meant to be sitting there, but really wanted to charge our phones and laptops! After about 8 hours this is what we looked like:IMG_4899 (640x480) Finally, we were able to get to Gran Canaria (not quite the right Island) where we able to travel to Fuerteventura in this tiny plane, which also doubles as the newspaper delivery vehicle:IMG_4907 (640x480)

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