249. The Express Tour of Salzberg

On the way from Vienna to Munich we allotted ourselves one our to have a quick tour of Salzberg. As it turned out, on arrival it seemed all very industrial and absolutely nothing looked like the Sound of Music. There was much confusion. This can’t be right, we thought, so we punched “tourist information centre” into the GPS and requested they give us a map, highlight two things from the sound of music and one other cool thing we could check out. The main thing we learned from the tourist information centre was that actually all the good stuff is in a huge pedestrian only ‘old town’ area. So with some helpful direction giving we were sent to a parking building and on our way.

Once we found the pedestrian area, the hills seemed much more alive and we took a good old wander around. There were loads of majestic hotels, but I got the feeling I wouldn’t want to stay there for any more than 2 or 3 days, and actually one hour to check it out was plenty.

Here’s some highlights from around both the old and new bits of Salzberg:

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