240. Break my ‘No McDonalds’ Rule

Before heading to Europe I had a firm resolution to not eat at McDonald’s or any other such internationally shit food chain, and instead if I were to pay for a meal, it would be a new, local food experience.

I had had a few hiccups, but still I had not handed any of my own hard earned cash over a McDonald’s counter. This all went down the drain, however, in some random suburb on the outskirts of Prague. We found ourselves in a food-court  with a great selection of stodgy looking fast food, half of which I couldn’t even tell what it was; and a McDonald’s.

I bravely went for something exotic, and convinced another poor unsuspecting soul to join me on my quest. I’d heard great things about eastern European “dumplings” and had been meaning to try them out. Sure enough there was a stall offering a few varieties of what I was pretty sure were these famed dumplings. With great language barrier difficulty we ordered some of these dumplings and sat down to tuck in to what looked like it could pretty tasty, even with weird sprinklings of who knows what on top. As it turned out they were meant to be sweet, which was unexpected. They were sortof berry flavoured, with this weird buttery sugary stuff on top.

I must say, I’m not usually one to not finish a meal, but these I just could not get through. And so I hung my head in shame and joined the rest of the crew at McDonald’s for some universally tasty and reliable fries.

2 thoughts on “240. Break my ‘No McDonalds’ Rule

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