235. Wiener Schnitzel In Vienna

Ever in search of quality local food, we decided to hunt down somewhere with some traditional Austrian food. And by that we meant something super stereotypical: schnitzel.

Luckily, just around the corner was Mariahilferbrau, a restaurant that had some quality reviews and came recommended by the girls on the desk at the hostel. It only added to the sales pitch that it was about 200m away!

We started with some ginormous steins of Austrian beer, and should have taken that as a clue that this particular restuarant was gunning for the reputation american steak houses currently have. The meals were huge!

The schnitzel definitely didn’t disappoint, though the tip of the day was rather than ordering the “Austrian Special” version, for almost half the price you could order a “pork escalope” with the exact same combination of sides, maybe slightly less rice.

Although they had a fine array of Viennese specialties,the lure of the ribs was too great for some , and the boys that ordered them were in for an enormous surprise. All in all it was a delicious, if a little pricey excursion, topped off of course by waitstaff in lederhosen, or whatever they call it in Austria. 

We also later discovered they had a pretty good breakfast buffet for only 8 euros, which is handy when there’s hangovers involved.

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