232. Wake Up In Wonderland

After a cheeky car nap between Prague and Vienna, I woke up to this view out my window:Best. Wakeup. Ever.

As it turned out we were in one of the most magical places in the world. There was a water park, dragons, knights, a giant aeroplane with a restaurant in it, and LOADS of duty free shops! There was also a casino nearby – the place was the very definition of fun for all ages. It was a huge series of shops, bars, restaurants and theme parks to leave the kids at in the no-mans-land that is the border between the Czech Republic and Austria.

The highlight was definitely lunch in an aeroplane. And not just any aeroplane, but a safari themed plane that appeared to be from the 1960s. If there was a flight involved in Fear and Loating in Las Vegas, I’m pretty sure this would have been the plane. This face definitely summed it up:

Other exciting things included a GIANT GLOBE!



And a delightful collection of incredibly cheap duty free stores. There were even hair salons and other such beauty parlors. And to top it off, some really wierd products on sale:

If it weren’t for the photos. I could well have believed I was having an incredibly strange dream…

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