214. Berlin to Prague in Stop Motion

When driving over the Swiss Alps, I was trying to get some good shots of the scenery around me, but we were whizzing past them all so quickly that I ended up holding down continuous shutter to see if I could catch them. When flicking through the photos really quickly the effect was really cool! I’d just recently seen some amazing stop motion videos made by my friend Marc and thought maybe I could give it a go too.

My attempt was not at all planned, just a few bursts in some more interesting places, and when we hit town I passed my camera around and it came back with some pretty hilarious shots! If I were to do another such video it would be good to have the camera properly mounted on the dashboard of the car, but nonetheless it was a fun experiment, and an efficient way to share my road trip snaps!

6 thoughts on “214. Berlin to Prague in Stop Motion

  1. Hey Harriet! My husband and I are going to Berlin and Prague in October, so your recent blogs posts have been awesome in my trip planning! The bike tour, the kebabs, the grafitti…thanks a million and I can’t wait to read about Prague.

    • Glad I can help! I’m so jealous you get to go to Prague in October – it was offensively hot in July! We had a lot of do’s in Berlin, and a lot of Don’ts in Prague so keep reading in the next few days for what not to do haha

    • Thanks! And I miss you too! I employed the potentially stupid/risky tactic of handing my camera to random people in the bar and then had such a laugh when it came back with all those shots! Everyone was a super hipster photographer capturing candid moments. Classic.

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