209. The Best Kebabs in Berlin

We’d been told about a place just round the corner, Moustafa’s, that had the best kebabs in Berlin. I thought it was probably a bit of an overstatement – there are too many kebab shops to count.

Berlin has the highest Turkish population outside of Turkey, after the Gastarbeiter (guest worker) program in the 60’s and 70’s where dozens of immigrants from Turkey were bought in to deal with labour shortages (a huge one of them was the creation of the Berlin Wall). The original plan was for the workers to come in short term, but many of them have stayed. Leading to delicious kebabs everywhere.

It seems that with such high competition, they are really trying to out-gourmet eachother. And one particular wee stall in the middle of the street is winning by miles. Most times we went past there were huge queues – one guy at our hostel said he lined up for almost 2 hours to get his. We swung by just as it opened at about 10:30 am, which was perfect timing to avoid lines. And we were NOT at all disappointed.

Not only is it a tasty kebab, but it comes with amazing grilled vegetables, the most fresh looking salad you have ever seen, and is topped with crumbled feta and a twist of lemon. All for about €2.90. Our expectations were most definitely exceeded!

*I’ve been sent a link to their website – its awesome! http://mustafas.de/

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