207. The Pergamon Museum

With such a huge amount of war history in Berlin, we almost forgot to explore the non war related museums. There is, in fact, a whole Island of museums. The Pergamon was the most highly recommended one, so off we went. Buying tickets online beforehand would have been a wise choice, but a takeaway coffee from over the road made the line pass a lot quicker.

The Pergamon is a huge recreation of monumental buildings including the Pergamon Alter and the Market Gate of Miletus, poached directly from Turkey. The reconstructed buildings are impressive in size and detail, but at the same time it is a bit depressing that so much Turkish history has been stolen, to have permanently on show and making money for another. The sheer audacity of it is quite mind boggling, as is learning how they got it all to Berlin and ensured it lasted through the war.

There are quite a few exhibits with various archealogical finds, but my favourite was learning about how the museum itself was established and the competition between Europe’s largest museums to have the best exhibits. It seems so offensive now, but you can see how in the early 1900s that was the only way people could learn about such things.


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