204. Berlin Pub Crawl

After our previous going out experiences, we caved and decided to go on one of those tousristy pub crawls. I had originally written them off as being yet another tourist trap, but we were a bit sick of the admin that is working out where to go and how to get there. There was one run through the same company that ran the excellent bike tour we had just been on, and we thought at the very least, we have just as much fun in our own company if no-one is there, and it was really good value, for the amount of free drinks you get.

Our guide

As it turned out, it was really fun! The first people we met were some guys from London who informed us they were planning on going on a big eurotrip but on their first night out in Berlin had spent 1500 pounds, so they couldn’t afford to go any further. That particular fact absolutely blew my mind! Even on my most wreckless nights of spending, with cocktail drinking and loads of food I would still struggle to spend more than $100. I just don’t know how he managed that.

I have no idea who that guy on the right is…

Other notable attendees were a hilarious bunch of dutch girls, who definitely were not in Berlin to soak up any culture. They informed us that technically they were in Berlin for 6 days, but it was really three because they spend every second day in bed with a hangover. Good laughs, those girls! Definitely could NOT keep up with their drinking though.

All in all it was a really great night, and we may not have been at the most popular bars/clubs, but every spot had a rent-a-crowd that filled the place up and were nice and chatty, and we went to some quite cool, quirky bars. My favourite was a Cold War Propaganda themed bar, in an alcove under the railway with loads of original posters and signs.

At the end of the night the boys needed a kebab stop, and damn good kebabs they were too! Everything we had been lead to believe about kebabs in Berlin, and more. It seems like competition is so fierce between the stalls that they are all trying to out-gourmet eachother!

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