202. Cycle Tour of Berlin

With an ever growing love for cycling (the parents will be thrilled), I thought a cycle tour of Berlin sounded like a fantastic idea. I’m a bit skeptical of tours, always wondering if it would be better to save your euros and walk, but the highlights of Berlin are all over town, and there’s just so much to learn about Berlin.

We picked Fat Tire Bike Tours and did their “All-in-one” tour and gosh I just couldn’t rate it higher! Our tour guide, Kate, was hilarious, knowledgeable and incredibly passionate about what she was doing, at one stage pausing to draw us a map of how the East-West Berlin checkpoints worked throughout the whole country.

There was a pause for lunch at a Beer Garden in the middle of Tiergarten, where we had the delightful surprise of a naked sunbather, who felt it was important to position himself not in the designated naked sunbathing spot (aaah Germans) but instead right next to the path, up on one elbow, ensuring he was angled so everyone could see his bits.

My favourite part of the tour was when we were taken down a wee side street where an original guard tower of the wall remained – I like that best because it was definitely not something we would have come across on our own. The tours are available in Paris, Barcelona and London, so I’ll definitely keep them in mind. Not sure if I’ll get a guide as good as Kate though…

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