195. The Berlin Wall

Berlin has to be one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Everywhere you go, there is something to see and learn about. The Berlin Wall was definitely one of the things I found the most interesting. Largely because I’d only glossed over that part of Germany’s history prior to actually arriving in Berlin.

I had expected to see memorials/some parts of the wall remaining, but I certainly didn’t expect to see so many bits of it scattered around town. It is incredibly distinctive and it gives you quite the visual realisation that the city still hasn’t fully recovered.

It really does amaze me how despite the atrocities of WWII, it seemed like a few crucial lessons still weren’t learned. It is truly astonishing how those in power in many places still put their own people through hell, whilst remaining convinced/trying to convince the rest of the world that their societal model is the ideal one.

It was fascinating to learn about some of the perspectives on the wall. As well as learning how many people died whilst trying to escape East Berlin, whilst pondering how soldiers could just open fire on their own people in the “Death Strip”, the interesting point was raised that on the one side, in Western Germany, there was freedom, but on the other side there was security and many people actually preferred security. Still though, you have to wonder how a country gets to a state where so many people are trying to escape (and being murdered for it) and they still think they are doing right by their people.

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