187. Castello Sforzesco

After the parents practically threw me out of the car while it was still going so they could get back to their holiday, I had most of the day left in Milan before my flight to Berlin to meet my friends. It was something like 38 degrees, raging humidity and I had all my bags. All I wanted to do was find some air conditioning and a seat, perhaps even some wifi and any drink with ice in it, but I really felt like I should do some culture, so I made a second (successful) attempt at getting in to the Duomo (a more strict dress code than most night clubs) and checked out the Castello Sforzesco. Not only is it a grand old castle, but it hosts regular events and is chock full of museums. Having spent hours of my life learning the piano and cello, I would normally have been quite excited when one of the museums was full of old musical instruments. The beautiful gardens outside would usually also be quite the drawcard – I do love me a good walk. But with the oppressive heat I was too busy dreaming of an ice cold water to enjoy it, so it was a rather brief trip. At least the museums were free!

The other lesson of the day to share was that although the airport train goes from Cardona, only Centrale Stazione has luggage storage.

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